Characteristics of Female Serial Killers

-Female serial killers have long killing sprees, lasting up to 8 years (males' sprees almost never last longer than 4 years and usually end after several months).
-Female serial killers kill more quietly and less "violently", with poison or other less undetectable methods, like suffocation. Males tend to batter, strangle, stab, and shoot.
-Female serial killers kill for profit most of the time, while male serial killers kill for sexual reasons about half the time.
-Female serial killers generally kill people close to them, such as husbands, family members, or people dependent on them. Males kill strangers more often.

There are three similarities between male and female serial killers:
-They look, act, and sound normal – which makes people trust them.
-They are psychopaths, but they're not insane.
-Neither male nor female serial killers have a conscience.

Types of Female Killers: 
Female serial killers are divided into nine categories: 
1-black widows 
2-angels of death 
3-sexual predators
4-revenge killers
5-profit killers
6-team killers and also killers whose sanity is in question, killers whose motives defy explanation, and unsolved crimes.