Why Women Kill?

When women kill they do so only to defend themselves against male aggression. Many female serial killers kill for the very same reasons that male serial killers do,but that they leave different signatures at the crime scene

We don't hear of many female serial killers, and that may be partly because women aren't as prone to commit any type of crime as men. Men are more aggressive and violent than women are, which is why female serial killers are less common. Women account for 14% of violent offenders  while men are 6 times more likely to commit violent crimes.Because women don't kill for the same reasons as men, forensic psychologists find the term "female serial killer" controversial. This term is defined by sexual motivation and the desire for power over victims, which are characteristics that murderesses don't usually display. Female serial killers kill for other reasons. Forensic psychologists debate the term "female serial killer" because murderesses don't kill for the same reasons as murderers. The psychological disorders are different.Female serial killers are more likely to get away with murder than male serial killers are. Murderesses can kill for years without getting caught because they're driven by different motivations; murderers tend to get caught before too much time has passed. Female killers have different psychological disorders, which may affect their motivation and modus operandi. Their motives are why female serial killers kill and why they don't get caught right away.Past abuse, struggles with depression, feelings of anxiety may all contribute to female crimes and violence, but the overriding psychopathology goes beyond these "normal" struggles that we all face.

Women’s role is very hard in community.  And some of them can handle this some of them can’t.  Weak women go through this killing way and totally go insane.  Women whose ablity is just taking lives are take their revenge, angre  and greed by kiliing people.